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BTM Laundry has been Offering Pick-Up & Delivery Laundry Services Since 2007

March 24, 2021

pickup and delivery laundry bags

It didn't start with laundry. Perhaps it started with Amazon where people found they could order on-line, get a better selection than in the store and never have to leave their house. Then people began ordering food with Door Dash and Uber Eats. And with the busy schedule that so many have, people started getting their groceries delivered to their home.

Then Covid hit and many people hesitated to go into a laundromat, but they needed to have clean clothes. So laundry pickup and delivery exploded. People discovered that this was the way to have clean clothes and avoid the laundromat. They also discovered free time. By the time they packed the dirty clothes, drove to the laundromat, washed, dried, then folded the clothes and brought them home, half of the day was over. When they scheduled their pickup with BTM Laundry, this chore was complete in just minutes.

Covid may have created the environment for pickup laundry service, but it won't go away after Covid is over. The convenience of it and the freeing up of valuable time that could be spent having fun, playing with the kids, helping them with homework, or just relaxing makes this a luxury that you can't live without.

We are laundry professionals. Our pick-up and delivery looks great. We take care of your clothes because we know the business. We know how much detergent to put in. We don't take shortcuts with your clothes. Try us once. We know that you won't want to go back to doing your own laundry.

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