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‚ÄčAbout BTM Laundry

We are two friends who met at Rutgers. While living in a basement apartment, we found that we hated to do laundry. We finally found a laundromat that would wash, dry, and fold our clothes and were much happier, but still it took too much time to get to the laundromat to drop off our clothes. Our dream was pickup and delivery where the laundromat would come to us to pickup our dirty clothes. And so our dream began. When we graduated college, we started a laundry pickup and delivery business. Since that time, we have purchased two laundromats, but the pickup and delivery aspect of the business still intrigues us and we are continuing to spend a lot of effort on this aspect of the laundry business. We started off as two friends who hated doing laundry and now are in the laundry business. Go figure!