Tired of Going to the Dry Cleaners? Try BTM's Pick Up & Delivery Dry Cleaning Service

Better than Mom's (BTM) Laundry also offers convenient pick-up & delivery dry cleaning services all throughout New Jersey from Edison to Plainfield to Princeton and everywhere in between. You can use our dry cleaning services with, or without, wash and fold as long as you meet the $45 minimum order.  Say goodbye to the frequent trips to the dry cleaner & hello to convenience.

Schedule a pickup and your dry cleaning will be returned in 3-4 days. Get all of your laundry done at once.

Dry Cleaning Pricing

  • Shirt $5.99
  • Pants $5.99
  • Shorts $5.99
  • Suit Jacket $9.99
  • Suit $15.99
  • Blouse $6.99
  • Sweater $7.99
  • Skirt $6.99
  • Vest $8.00
  • Jacket/Coat $20.00
  • Dress $20.00
  • Tie $6.99
  • Scarf $6.99
  • Lab Coat $11.50
  • Sari $17.00
  • Tuxedo $17.99
  • Tablecloths $20.00
  • Kameez $20.00
  • Graduation Gown $25.00
  • Grad Gowns & Gonfalon $30.00
  • Comforter $45.00

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