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​Laundry Services near Linden, Princeton and surrounding areas

BTM Laundry stands for Better Than Mom's. If you're looking for a laundromat near Linden or Princeton, check us out. We have three great laundromats for you to do your own laundry, but we offer a whole lot more. We have wash and fold laundry service at our facilities. BTM also offers laundry pickup and delivery service five days a week. We're not just for residential customers either. We do commercial laundry for whatever business you may have that generates dirty clothes. Whatever your laundry needs, we can help! So drop in or schedule a pickup! We're there to take over the laundry chore that most abhor.

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Our Laundromat Has You Covered

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Two laundromats for your self-service needs.


Drop Off Laundry

Let BTM Laundry wash and fold your laundry.


Commercial Laundry

If your business generate laundry, we will do it for you! Then you'll have more time to attend to your business.


Pickup and Delivery

The easiest way to do laundry. We will pick it up from your door and bring it to our store!


Dry Cleaning

Don't make two trips! We'll pick up your dry cleaning when we pick up your wash and fold.


Wash &
Fold (Edison)
Per Pound

**$25 Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (Princeton)
Per Pound

Wash & Fold you pick up/drop-off

**$25 Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (Princeton)
Per Pound

Wash & Fold you drop-off, we deliver

**$25 Minimum Order

A Little About Us

Although we have two very nice laundromats, our favorite part of this business is our pickup and delivery service. We know that this is a relatively new way way to do laundry, but people really need the help and we are there to make this weekly chore go away. Imagine throwing your dirty clothes in a bag and putting it on the front porch! The next day it is returned all clean and neatly folded. This concept is really catching on and we are proud of the fact that we started this concept in 2007. Just schedule your pickup and we'll do the rest.

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Specials & Promotions

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Promotion for first time customers

We offer a 20% discount on your first pickup and delivery order. In addition, we will give you a free laundry bag. Just fill out the promo code: FIRST

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