Commercial Laundry Service for Airbnb, VRBO, and Hotels near Plainfield, NJ | BTM Laundry
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Commercial Laundry and Linen Service for Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Long Term Rentals, and Hotels

Lots of visitors come to our area and with it comes the need for laundry service in your short-term rentals. We have laundry pick up five days a week. We even provide same day pick up and delivery if you are in a bind, although there is a small charge for that. If you have short-term rentals, you need our linen cleaning service. Contact us today to get a bid. We'd love to help you with your commercial laundry needs.

Hotels and Motels Laundry Service

You will need hotel laundry done for your hotel, boutique hotel or motel. We will launder your sheets, pillow cases and towels. We will launder your comforters when needed. We will provide free pick up and delivery. Tell us how you want us to fold your sheets. Do you want all the sheets by size or do you want them folded in sets? We'll do your laundry your way.

Airbnb - VRBO- Home Away

If you are having guests in your short-term rental, contact us for commercial laundry service. We will wash and fold all of your sheets and towels. We will even launder your comforters and small rugs. We'll pick up your dirty clothes when scheduled and return them fresh and clean the following day.

Bed & Breakfasts - Long Term Rentals

Whether you need towel cleaning or the sheets laundered, we'll get the job done. Your linens will be freshly washed with Tide Detergent and Downy softener. We'll get them folded and return to you in 24 hours.