Commercial Laundry Service for Spas near Plainfield, NJ | BTM Laundry
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Commercial Laundry Service for Spas

Towel cleaning is a big part of the commercial laundry service needed for spas. It will give you peace of mind to know that we will pick up your dirty clothes and do your linen cleaning within 24 hours. Spend your time making your customers happy. Let BTM deal with your dirty laundry. That's our business and we do it well.

Day Spas

Your clients come to the spa to unwind and relax. Your job is to take care of their needs. Let BTM take care of your commercial laundry. We will wash your sheets and towels. We will launder robes. You won't have to think about laundry--that's our job.

Massage Therapy

Our hotel laundry launders the sheets and towels that you use for your massage business. We will work hard to get any stains or oils out so that your linens are clean and fresh. Your linens will be picked up and delivered in 24 hours.

Weekly spas

What a wonderful treat for anyone -- spending a week at a spa. Our commercial laundry will clean your linens. We launder robes and towels. We will make them smell fresh and clean by using the top laundry products. Your job is to make your clients happy. Ours is to do your laundry.